Why plàmia?


"The stretching of its neck allowed the giraffe to evolve, adapting and overtaking its competitors in the search for food. Surviving, in this way."

Plàmia was created to meet a growing demand, significantly spreading in our territory, in order to provide a qualified assistance to companies and entrepreneurs who pursue a will of internationalization and desire to improve their business abroad. At the same time our team works as a support for foreign companies, allowing them to safely operate in Italy, both on a juridical and commercial side. The team offers as well a personal planning and programming support, both in Italy and abroad. The diverse and blended skills of the team allow offering a complete analysis, matching both personal and entrepreneurial strategies. Plàmia can rely on a vast and solid network of partnerships in various countries, in the legal and taxation fields, providing a direct benchmark on the ground for continuation and management of business.